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About us

Lukas Mark und Jettinae VonJaeger


Our history

Ever since my childhood, nothing was thrown away; everything was recycled. This shaped my passion for craftsmanship and crafting. After my training as a mechatronics technician and subsequent studies, I fulfilled my dream and traveled to the USA.


One of the most formative experiences of my artistic career was attending the Burning Man Festival. The creative energy there deeply inspired me and led me to leave my previous profession behind and fully dedicate myself to art. I specialized in upcycling, creating unique artworks from recycled materials.


During another stay in the USA, I met my wife Jettinae, known as Jett. She was born on a farm in Utah and had to endure a difficult childhood. However, her dream was always to leave her past behind and create beauty in this world. Together, we discovered our passion for metal and wood art and founded a studio where we create figures and abstract artworks for gardens and interiors.


Since 2020, we have been producing impressive metal sculptures and wooden artworks, which we ship worldwide and present at international art exhibitions. We are particularly proud of our participation in the Burning Man Festival and an art exhibition in Reno, where we presented a kinetic artwork.


Through our work, we aim to breathe new life into things and create timeless artworks that inspire and delight others.

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